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The Hub

Business System Team Management Application native to your Salesforce

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Are you running your Salesforce Team like a Product team?

Business Systems Teams that support large user bases (100+) receive requests of all types and from all angles, at different levels, sizes and complexities.  Moving to another platform to manage requests removes ease of communication with those having the issues, and even worse, costs more money...

This Hub gives you an immediate jump start to managing requests from your team, visibility into quick bugs/enhancements, space and process for complex system improvements, and a way to communicate it to your stakeholders.

The Hub


Yup, we just use cases.

There are many built in advantages to this Standard Object, and The Hub has all the automation to use it effectively for your Business Systems Team.  Receive requests on a record or Home Page, prioritize and assign those while communicating direclty in Salesforce.


More Complex Projects or Enhancements can be upgraded to a Requirement, where you can build Acceptance Criteria and Solution Design with your team.  You can even run Test Cases to ensure that your deliverables are living up to the expectation of your stakeholders.


Most importantly, you should be able to prioritize with your team.  Prioritize Requirements against your team's bandwidth and share delivery with impactful reports.  Coordinate with your Sales Enablement Teams, with your Release Testers and ensure that everyone is in line with what is delivered and when.

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