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Get a Business Systems Ticketing System

In Sales Operations you’re hit from a bunch of different angles, everyday, and it can be exhausting. One moment you’re talking about Marketing, next it’s Finance, and all of a sudden Sales and SDR’s will have a problem that needs to be fixed immediately! It’s always urgent, they always say that it’s impacting their ability to make more money, and it never feels like you can go fast enough.

The secret is to have a way to quantify and prioritize requests because you shouldn’t be killing yourself (I know… crazy thought). I spent the first 4 years not having one, and this by far was the largest operational mistake I made. I couldn’t describe what I was doing day-to-day, justify my position/hours, solidify the priority of my work, and communicate the progress in a meaningful way to my boss or the stakeholders.

I’ve built an easy Internal Ticketing System based on larger projects I’ve run that will allow your team to create tickets. Happy to shoot you the link to install it, but you can build it yourself too!

What are the key parts of this?

  • Acceptance Criteria -> How does the business want this process to work?

  • Solution Design -> How do you propose on solving this problem?

  • Approval -> Could be approval to work on it from your boss, or approval of what you understand you’re supposed to build!

  • Effort -> Depending on the project, hours might be easier or buckets to represent the lift it will take.

  • Status -> Requested, Received, Approved, In Development, Testing, Delivered

  • When -> Again this could be Sprint, Week, Day, but you want to be able to say when your internal client can expect this.

  • What -> Choose a way to sort your work by department, process, requester, etc…

Building buy-in to use this system, or prioritizing the time to set it up for the team to use can be challenging too, but I swear it’s worth it. Start with your leader and communicate the following three points:

  • Clear communication is important to you. This can be around what you’re doing day-to-day, which projects are important for you to work on, or visibility for your internal clients to see when their items will be delivered.

  • As a function of your role you will receive requests from many departments and it’s important to have one streamlined process.

  • Documentation of changes and priorities will be in one place, what a gift for your boss!

To summarize, get a ticketing system if you don’t have one already. If you’d like to chat regarding setting up your internal systems to make your life easier (and stop running off adrenaline), happy to help however I can.


At The Sales Nerd we help companies not only work through their Business System puzzles, but we help them to define their actions and set milestones. Whether you are starting from scratch with a team already in place, or want to build for the future, please reach out to be a beta-tester of our new app "The Hub." This allows users to file tickets, allows your team to plan around bandwidth, and release improvements with solid communication and testing. Here to help always.


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